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Martha Montoya

Martha Montoya is a businesswoman whose imagination, creative talent, and drive keep her moving to the forefront of the dialogue regarding diversity contracting with corporate America.  She is leading several initiatives on a national level to advance the position of Minority owned businesses.  Martha has forged relationships with corporate America, State and Federal leaders to understand and bring to the table candid conversations to find solutions for the business position of Minority owned businesses. 

As the Procurement Chair and board member for the advising United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, she is able to continue to develop such relationships at the national level, while also being active in other national, state, city and local organizations, including the State of California Governor's Conference on Small Business and Entrepreneurship Steering Committee.

Advocating on behalf of those businesses and leading dialogues are the areas in which Martha has chosen to direct her efforts as the United States adjusts to new demographics in all aspects of society: Political, Media, Home/Families and Business.

International Background
Upon immigrating to the United States, Martha developed a business career in International Trade in areas such as telecommunications, agriculture and many more.  Traveling throughout 18 countries in business taught Martha cultural sensitivity, business practices and negotiating skills while delivering projects beneficial for the supplier and customer on 4 continents.

Hispanic Marketplace

Throughout her career in the United States she has developed a keen sense of the market.  Her experience selling products and services to the Hispanic market over 15 years both at the corporate and retail level makes her an authority on the marketplace.  She worked with many industries in various campaigns that were directed to employees, manufacturers, suppliers, retail consumers and business community.  An example of her work in campaigns include working with canned pineapples from Thailand to the Hispanic market in United States tailoring flavor, size, packaging and delivery made of this program a success for the Mexican corporation.

Martha has played a central role in the development of the U.S. Hispanic market. Among the many honors she has received include the Latin Business Association Latina Entrepreneur of the Year, Hispanic Businesswoman of the Year for 2002 by California Hispanic Chamber of Commerce among other distinctions she received from Hispanic Magazine 2003 honoring her as one of the 100 most influential people in the U.S. market to National Latina Business Woman of the year in 2007 among many more. 

Grassroots, private sector and government

Currently, Martha is spearheading the Access to Business Capital (ABC) Program for Venture Capital.  Recognizing that access to capital is the No. 1 issue for business owners, she took the steps to establish this program in 2004 and recruited the support of Venture Capitalists, corporations and governmental legislators to become the only program in United States addressing this issue at the grassroots level.   Research and education are key components of the program 


Procurement Chair and board member for the advising United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, advisory board Working Families for Wal-Mart, Past Chair Access to Business Capital for the California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce, Procurement pathway for the National Association of Hispanic Publications, being part of the team retooling the National Latina Business Women Association and formerly, Latin Business Association, leading convention Expo’s in Los Angeles for several years. 

The Business:

Los Kitos Produce, LLC

LKP is a California Limited Liability Company with offices in several parts of the country, headquartered in Santa Ana, California.  The majority owner and managing member is Martha Montoya.  LKP’s goal is to become a leader in sustainability with a commitment to excellent product quality and attention to the environment throughout the delivery process.  LKP is diligently working on materials to further educate the various levels of the supply chain and in particular growers. 

Dealing with humble growers and sophisticated buyers in Europe and the United States, Martha has learned to adapt and be patient while delivering results.  Whether it was setting up a production line for lettuce for the Netherlands from Mexico via USA, a peach crop from South Africa into England or a new crop of Asparagus in Ica or Mangos in Paita, Peru for the U.S. marketplace, Martha understood the appreciation of different cultures and social issues that would mark her life to be able to deal with her career of today. 

Based on her ample experience with different levels of growers and buyers, as well as the needs of today’s “Green” agendas, our growers’ sustainable practices include water efficiency in Panama for pineapples; use of biodegradable products for apples in Wenatchee, WA; waste reduction for  strawberries in Salinas, CA; renewable energy sources in Valencia Spain for clementine oranges; minimization of carbon footprint transporting tree fruits across the country and use and protection of natural resources for melons in the Central Valley, CA. 

Additionally, LKP is working with local growers and organizations to create opportunities for the region, not only for the economic well being of the region, but also making it a “Green” community.  This includes, but is not limited to creating awareness for better practices in agriculture, healthy living for the local growers and their families as well as the consumers that buy our product. 

Los Kitos Entertainment, LLC

Currently, Martha owns and directs a unique media enterprise, Los Kitos Entertainment LLC, which has three main divisions.  The core business is the syndication, of the inspirational Los Kitos bilingual cartoon strip to over 300 Spanish language newspapers in the United States.  The first newspaper that published Los Kitos is the Los Angeles based La Opinion, where the relationship is now evolving into the internet platform.  A second division is the licensing of the characters to several licensees ranging from Good Humor Ice Cream, State Farm Insurance, and to assist those companies to expand their presence in the Hispanic market.  The third division of LKELLC is utilizing the characters to bring edu-entertainment to the U.S. Hispanic community through lifting edu-entertaining comic books for organizations such as: NASA, Bank of America, Kraft, Wal-mart, Sodexho, SHPE (Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers) Johnson & Johnson, IBM, to name a few.

Countless hours of radio, TV, print and personal appearances in schools, parent’s organizations and community events on diverse issues such as Science, Math, Health, Finance and mainly access to higher education have made Los Kitos and Martha Montoya a leader on Hispanic kids, their parents and their environment.  Her immigration to the United Status and the lessons learned of tolerance, patience, respect, laughter, joy, are at the very core of the message in the Los Kitos cartoon strips. 

El Mundo Newspaper

The paper was first founded in 1988 and throughout our twenty years of publishing in the Washington market has focused on quality, commitment to community and unmatched service to our advertisers. 

As of October 2008, El Mundo was acquired by new management including Gustavo Montoya, President, and Martha Montoya, Publisher.  Bringing an emphasis on customer service and new technology, the Montoyas are maintaining and building upon the award winning editorial content. 


As a child born to educators, in Bogotá, Colombia, Martha began her professional career as a teacher of Chemistry, Biology and English in her native country.  Upon arriving to the United States, Martha integrated herself into the educational system, having taught in both the public and private school systems in California. 

Besides Martha’s formal education in Colombia she has earned a certificate from the University of Chicago and has pursued post graduate business courses at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth.