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Jorge Raziel Ortiz

Jorge Raziel is the Founder and CEO of Zealous Vision; an organization dedicated to inspiring and raising the quality of the lives of all those they touch through coaching and speaking.  As a Life Coach, Jorge utilizes his passions and knowledge to help all those he comes in contact with gain clarity of their most important goals and helps them overcome the blocks that may impede their success.  As a speaker, Jorge talks on success principles, leadership, and life-purpose.  

Jorge earned his Structural Engineering degree from UC San Diego and then worked as an engineer in the private and public sectors but soon realized his passion and strengths were best utilized elsewhere.  Thereafter, he enrolled in The Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching, one of the best coaching schools in the world, to pursue his passion.  Jorge is an avid reader and has a true passion for personal growth which gives him the tools needed to best help his clients.