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Jonathan Padilla

Jonathan Padilla is a rising senior at Harvard College where he studies government.  His academic research includes in depth coverage of the California constitution and the role of faith-based activities in the Obama White House and the Democratic Party.

Padilla brings 11 years of political experience to the table, including running the DNC's High School Program between 2005 and 2007.  He currently represents California on the Democratic National Committee where he has been instrumental in mobilizing and organizing young Latinos.

His work experience includes House Appropriations, White House Communications, and Public Policy at Google.  He's active in work with the Hispanic Heritage Foundation, leading public affairs workshops and conferences, including a national conference to be held on Capitol Hill this September in conjunction with the Foundation's 25-year anniversary celebration.

On his limited spare time, Padilla writes and is an avid member of Harvard's Shooting Team - competing in pistol and trap.