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2012 Agenda

5/25/12   6:30 PM Dinner at Malaga Tapas & Bar, 440 West 2nd St

5/26/12   7:30 AM Continental Breakfast    
    9:00 AM Welcome and introductions    
    10:00 AM State of college access for Latinos and beyond Ruth Vail
        Anne-Marie Nunez
        Victor Saenz
    10:35 AM Dual language success Lucy Davila Hakemack
        Lucy  Guevara Velez
    11:00 AM Break    
    11:15 AM Bridging education research and policy Norma Garza
        Laura Rendon 
        Cristóbal Rodríguez
    11:50 AM Holistic approach to education Claudia Kramer Santamaria
        Mayte Antelo-Ovando
        Erica Saenz
    12:25 PM Lunch    
    1:45 PM Latino hunger and obesity Lisa Pino
    2:00 PM Leading our schools with a purpose Encarnacion Garza
        Blanca Rodriguez
        Priscilla Canales
        Trisha Leon-Guerrero
    2:45 PM Break    
    3:00 PM The latest in education innovation James J. Ponce, Ed.D.
        Juan Cabrera
        Linda Medina
        Jaden Felix
    3:45 PM Media for good Katherine Leal Unmuth
        Jeremy C Wilson
        Brenda Lopez Romero
        Ricardo Velasquez
    4:30 PM Reflections and announcements    
    6:30 PM Dinner at Maria Maria, 415 Colorado St

5/27/12   8:30 AM Continental Breakfast    
    9:30 AM Open discussion time    
    10:00 AM Rebuilding financial services industry Belinda Castro
        Jenny Capitaine
        Cyndi Garza-Lopez
    10:35 AM Law, technology and Latinos Eduardo Roy
    10:50 AM Leadership in the legal profession Veronica Leal Vasquez
        Rico Reyes
        Christian Capitaine
    11:25 AM Future of Latino politics Lucy Flores
        Christina Bejarano
        Jason Cisneroz
        Emmanuel Garcia
        Jose Silva
        Marisol Rodriguez
        Diego Bernal
    12:40 PM Lunch    
    1:15 PM Latino and education policy Julian Vasquez Heilig
    1:30 PM Progress through entrepreneurship Joe Guzman
        Jesse Moreno
        John-Michael Cortez
        Lisa Bombin
    2:15 PM Latino emerging markets: local and abroad Luis Elizondo-Thomson
        Yovany Jerez
    2:40 PM Break    
    3:05 PM The Next Greatest Generation: Hispanic Youth Octavio Hinojosa Mier
    3:20 PM Our future leaders leading today Josue Ramirez
        Charles Sustaita
    3:45 PM Survey summary discussion Joe Guzman
    4:00 PM Reflections and resource sharing exercise Emanuel Pleitez
    6:30 PM Dinner at Stubb’s Bar-B-Q, 801 Red River St